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Promote innovative financing mechanisms

The current level of investment in global health R&D is insufficient to deliver the next generation of health technologies needed to reach global health goals. To help bridge the gulf between current investment and need, it will be critical to supplement traditional sources of R&D financing with new resources from the private and philanthropic sectors and nontraditional donor nations.

Governments and multilateral organizations are experimenting with implementing innovative financing mechanisms to mobilize new resources and investments to support global health R&D. Examples include pooled funds that bring together resources from multiple donors or entities to jointly fund R&D projects and share risk, foundations that match privately raised funding dollar for dollar with public investment, government-backed bonds issued to raise capital to finance R&D, and innovative funds or competition programs that seek to source ideas from across sectors and fund those identified as most promising.

Thinking creatively about how the world can marshal in greater investment to support R&D will be key to continuing momentum in global health innovation.

What does GHTC do?

GHTC supports the development of innovative mechanisms to bring new funding to global health R&D. The coalition encourages US policymakers and the international community to develop new, creative funding mechanisms that will encourage nontraditional investments in global health R&D, as well as bring new funders and emerging economies to the table. GHTC also serves as a platform for dialogue on how proposed changes to investment in global health R&D may impact ongoing work on global health innovation.

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